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I vividly remember the day I first visited Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, located in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the protected area which is home to our national animal is located in both the districts of Mysuru and Kodagu with an area of 847.981 (core – 643.392 and buffer-204.589 Their regal sight and the mystical beauty of the scenery made me fall in love with Mother Nature and appreciate her generosity. Since then, my passion for wildlife and conservation has grown exponentially. My life and work have revolved around wildlife conservation and fighting for their rights. 

I have volunteered for the Karnataka State Forest Department for over 15 years. I served as an honorary wildlife warden in Mysuru from 2019 to 2020. When I am not on-field, I actively volunteer to resolve human-animal conflicts in and around Nagarahole Tiger Reserve for the betterment of animal and human lives. I have successfully raised funds from various stakeholders like NGOs and corporates to arrange for essential toolkits for frontline forest staff. I also conduct fire safety training for forest range staff during summer, which is the peak time for forest fires. 

Every encounter with a wild animal, every day I spend with them in the field, is like a dream come true. I love to capture these moments and etch them into my memory forever. In addition, I like getting behind the lens now and then to showcase the best of wildlife and portray the stories of frontline staff efforts through my photography.

Some of my photographs have been featured in wildlife magazines like “Adventure Wildlife” and websites ; including articles.


Wild Alert strongly believes in equal rights for humans and wildlife. Humans may be one of the most intelligent life forms to live on earth, but our nature doesn’t thrive only from human existence.  Wildlife is crucial in maintaining the ecological balance and forms an essential part of our ecosystem. At Wild Alert, we are passionately dedicated to preserving this balance by safeguarding the wildlife and resolving their issues the best we can. Every task we undertake is in alignment with human and animal welfare.

There are rampant cases of wild animals inching close to the livestock area, especially at night. Therefore, we had provided ‘Predator Deterrent Lights’ to Bandipur & Nagarahole Tiger Reserve as an experimental approach to mitigate livestock issues around the National Park. Predator Deterrent Lights are a series of solar-powered, flashing LED lights that deter predators, including leopards & tigers, as they mimic the movement of people. Solar-powered lights are beneficial as many areas in forest buffer have no access to grid power.

OUR Impact

Our work has been dedicated to wildlife protection and playing a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and smooth functioning environment for humans and wildlife to co-exist peacefully.

Notable work done in the past few years includes:

    • Provided drinking water annually to Anechowkuru during fire season from (2016-2020).
    • Around 600 summer caps, 350 Brass Whistles, Fox Lights, 8000 Litres of drinking water for fire watchers (20 ltr Cans), 50 Litre CO2 based fire extinguisher & fire extinguisher ball    were donated to the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve Division by Wild Alert, which can be used during peak fire season (2019-2020).
    • CSR funds were procured from UL India PVT LTD, Bangalore, to aid and support the APC (Anti-Poaching Camp) staff at Castle Rock, Kali Tiger Reserve (2017).
    • Provided support for APC (Anti-Poaching Camp) staff at Anechowkuru Range, Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, with CSR funds from Textron India PVT LTD, Bangalore (2020).
    • We use crowdfunding platforms and self-funding each year to support forest watchers and frontline staff.
    • Wild Alert donated defence-grade aluminium torches to all of the APCs at Anechowkuru Range via crowdfunding. We have also contributed by making defence-grade aluminium torches available to all of the APCs at Anechowkuru Range.
    • Funds from Wild Alert, crowdfunding, and support from Water Woods Resorts (Kabini Backwaters, Karnataka) have been used to help APC camps with customized waterproof tarpaulins and torches as emergencies have arisen because of unprecedented rainfall in 75 years (2019). 
    • A backpack, a tiffin box, water bottles, and torches were provided to Nagarahole rangers in (2019).
    • APC’s staff at Castle Rock (Kali Tiger Reserve) was surprised with rugs, brass whistles, and camouflage umbrellas donated by crowdfunding in (2022).
    • We donated umbrellas to APC staff at Nagarahole Tiger Reserve (Anechowkuru) in (2022)

All these years serving in the wildlife conservation field have given us immense knowledge and encouraged us to put our best step forward in preserving our wildlife community and environment.

Forest frontline staff-the unsung heroes of wildlife

The front-line staffs are the primary participants in ensuring forest protection and safeguarding the biodiversity of nature. They walk up to 15-20 km per day patrolling the forests without paying any heed to the lurking dangers in the wild—be it the animals or poachers. They are risking their lives to ensure the continuity of humanity. 


Yet, their effort goes unrecognized.


People who visit the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks appreciate the scenic beauty of forests and wetlands and exclaim in wonder at the sight of wild animals from the safety of their vehicles. But, sadly, the efforts of the forest department staff are unseen, who work their fingers to the bone, day and night, in the deep woodlands. 


The forests and the diverse species are conserved due to the efforts of these unsung heroes, and they must be equipped with essential tools to battle extreme conditions and face life-threatening situations daily.


They need crucial equipment like Defence Grade Torch, Water Purifiers, Waterproof Tarpaulins, Solar Chargers & Lights, Umbrellas, Brass whistles, Raincoats, Fire Extinguishers, Summer Caps (for fire season), Khaki Dress, Backpacks, Search Lights, Medical Kits, Boots, Poncho, Sleeping bag, Water bottle & much more with the site-specific approach. These are necessities for the staff working in dangerous and remote locations.

Strike a balance with us

The future of nature lies in the hands of humans and the presence of thriving wildlife. When you support Wild Alert, you help in safeguarding the Forest Frontline Staff and restoring the wildlife equilibrium.


Come join hands with us in maintaining the ecological balance.


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